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The founder of B Family Farms has amassed an incredible knowledge base in the market of Industrial Hemp, emerging as an industry expert in plant growth, horticulture, strain development, and yield development.  In addition to the oversight of his own farming operations, he also serves as an educator, coach and advisor to other farmers across the US and Canada. He uses his knowledge and experience to help farmers increase and improve their yields. 


Together, he and his wife Charlotte regularly analyze products, methods and strains in various combinations to get the absolute best results for their grows.

Charlotte's product testimonial:


I began testing eight strains of hemp under very extreme conditions for plant strain strength and stability, starting with 1,000 plants in a 430 sq. ft. indoor building with no windows and light deprivation. The outside temps were below freezing at night with a 30 degrees daytime average.


Plants began to get mold and rust. I spot-sprayed the plants with one application of Hedge, and by the next morning there was no sign of mold or rust. The plants visibly perked up and looked healthy. I was very excited to see such a fast response to the Hedge application. We went to a once a week maintenance application and no mold or rust returned.

After a month, we moved the plants into a larger 1,500 sq. ft. closed in building under the same poor conditions and discontinued use of Hedge to see what would happen. Shortly after discontinuation, the mold and rust returned along with a terrible infestation of mites.


We then applied a heavier application of Hedge with an atomizer, misting the entire plant. My plants love Hedge and their response to it is fast; they tend to perk up like they’re getting a real dose of healthy sunlight. The mites, mold, and rust disappeared and the plants prospered. For a maintenance plan, we continued with an atomizer application of Hedge once a week.


I not only recommend Hedge as a healthy, natural pest and mold control, but also for healthy happy plants. The only thing I would add is to pre-treat the entire grow area with Hedge products before starting your plants. I totally believe Hedge guarantees a clear, naturally sterilized environment to give your plants the best start and continued health. Plants love Hedge!” 

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