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MP Farms is an indoor commercial high-CBD hemp facility in California with over 60,000 square feet of production space. Even with the most sophisticated growing equipment and environmental controls, Powdery Mildew is an ongoing issue plaguing production, and new, safe and effective mitigation products are always being evaluated.

Hedge Defense Plant Protectant was evaluated against two competitors,

  1. An aloe product 

  2. An organic biofungicide

Two tests were conducted over a 20 week period.

Test 1 Methods:

Three identical plant strains were selected and planted in rows of three, one strain per row, duplicated on two tables. Two rooms were utilized with the following identical conditions: 40'x5' tables with eight Gavita 1000 watt lights per row, 20 tons of A/C and (3) 300 pint per day dehumidifiers. Temperatures were maintained at 72F to 78F dependent on plant cycle requirements. Humidity was kept at a max of 49% and brought down to 40 at strategic times.

  • Both the Aloe and Hedge products produced a deeper green color on the leaves as well as a more vibrant plant look. The Biofungicide showed no physical change or color difference.

  • At week six we noticed small outbreaks in the Biofungicide rows. We allowed the PM to stay without removing the plants. 

  • By week 9 the Biofungicide rows in both rooms had about a 7 to 10% loss due to PM.

  • Aloe and Hedge plants had no PM. 

Test 2 Methods:

Three identical plant strains  were selected and separated into three dedicated rooms - one strain per room. Table, lights, A/C, humidity and temperature setup mirrored Test 1. Each room received one of the three test products:

  1. Hedge Defense Plant Protectant

  2. An Aloe Product

  3. An Organic Biofungicide

Test 2 Observations Reported

**CRITICAL NOTE** At week 5 we had a city loss of power for 6 hours

  • The Biofungicide room showed PM signs within hours of the power coming back on. By week 7 20% of the room had to be removed. By week 9 we had lost about 30% total.

  • At week 8 we found 9 plants in the Aloe room with small pockets of PM

  • The Hedge room went the full term with no PM signs at all.

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