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Zittels Farms has been in business for over 100 years and is part of one of the largest greenhouse consortiums in New York State. Zittels operates multiple greenhouses growing geraniums, ivy, fuchsia and spring plants.  Their farm uses innovative cultural practices to maximize quality and minimize pesticide and chemical usage. 


Zittels agreed to conduct a trial of the Hedge Defense Plant Protectant on a set of Geranium plants and Vinca Vines to see what impact it would have on the plants.


Geranium Testing:


A selection of new geranium roots were divided into two groups for planting. One group was planted according to AZS Farms' standard protocol in treated, fertilized soil. The second group was planted in untreated, unfertilized soil.


Both groups were regularly watered on the same schedule. Plants in group two (unfertilized soil) also received a weekly mist of Hedge Defense Plant Protectant. No other variables were manipulated.




After three weeks both test groups were showing identically healthy plants. 


This test is ongoing with once per week application and has spurred further interest with the possibility of replacing current fertilizers and additives with Hedge Defense Plant Protectant.

Vinca Vine Testing

A batch of 1" cuttings of Variegated Vinca Vines were split into two groups and planted.  One group received Zittels' standard nutrient and fertilizer inputs . The second group received only Hedge Defense, which was applied via a misting sprayer on a weekly basis. [Hedge protected plants did not receive any nutrients).



After three weeks, the Hedge treated vines (right)  were measuring a 30-40% increase in fullness compared to the non-treated group (left). Hedge treated plants also experienced an increase in vine growth. Difference in color is reported a result of photography only, and does not represent true plant coloring.

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