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Bolton Farms is a hydroponic greenhouse facility specializing in the production of premier microgreens, lettuce, green beand and heirloom tomatoes. Bolton Farms combines innovative growing strategies, meticulously controlled growing conditions and environmentally friendly pest management methods to produce beautiful, flavorful and dirt-free products.

Bolton Farms relies heavily on the use of beneficial insects such as ladybugs, for pest management purposes. Due to various environmental factors, ladybug populations have been down, resulting in short supply. This shortage is an ongoing challenge for Bolton Farms as they depend on the service of over 10,000 ladybugs per week to keep their lettuce crop aphid free.

With a production output of over 1,000 heads of lettuce per week, the search for environmentally friendly pest management alternatives is ongoing.

Test method:

  • A 20'x20' area of lettuce was sectioned off and sprayed once per week for five weeks with Hedge Natural Defense Plant Protectant. The treated plants remained in the same area and under the same conditions as all other production lettuce.

Test Observations as reported:

  • The entire green house is full of ladybugs eating aphids

  • The lady bugs avoided the test site. 

  • There appears to be no adverse effect on the ladybugs who may venture onto the site and fly away

  • Noticed 10% volume growth increase. Plants appeared slightly fuller compared to unsprayed adjacent beds

  • No aphids on any plant within the test site during the 5-week trial

  • Ladybugs avoided the trial square but remained busy on adjacent beds

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